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*Note: Above class list may not reflect our full schedule. These are all classes that have a set topic. For our full schedule scroll down or visit Recess901.com.

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At Memphis Parkour we offer safe professional parkour lessons and guidance on the journey of discovering parkour and it’s life benefits.

We help you find safety in movement and satisfaction with the capabilities of your body.

Adult Path Kids Path
Small Kids Parkour – 5:45pm
Kids Parkour Skills – 7pm

Small Kids Parkour class is for ages 5 through 9 and provides and introduction to parkour that uses experiential learning. We cover many skills in every class but don’t always use the names for them. Through games and carefully designed physical challenges coaches get kids to work on skills in a natural, functional and playful way.

Kids Parkour Skills is a class for ages 8 through 12 that starts to introduce more structured skill learning and building of abilities while still utilizing games to give practical application to the skills.

Adult Beginners Parkour – 5:45pm
Adult Intermediate Parkour – 7pm

Adult Beginners Parkour rotates through a 6 week schedule of all base level parkour techniques. New students should start here and after doing the full rotation a student may ask to test up to the intermediate class

Open Gym – 3pm to 8pm

During Open Gym any member of the parkour program can work on skills at their own pace. Coaches will be on hand to keep people safe and provide some feedback but you will not be guaranteed any instruction. This is your time to find your own style as a mover.

Open Gym – 3pm to 8pm Open Gym – 3pm to 8pm
Parkour Practice – 6pm

Parkour Practice is highly encouraged for adults at all skill levels. Base level skills are performed in repetition to improve our comfort with the moves and to condition our strength and endurance.

Open Gym – 3pm to 8pm Open Gym – 3pm to 8pm
Parkour Mindset – 6pm

Parkour Mindset is open to all skill levels. This class focuses on recognizing and overcoming mental barriers. Once raw power and good coordination start to build our physical limits are no longer in line with our mental expectations. We have to practice facing fear in order to make use of all the potential we have built up.

Small Kids Parkour – 9:30am
Kids Parkour Skills – 11am
Open Gym – Noon to 3pm
Open Gym – Noon to 3pm
We have no classes on Sundays but we encourage outdoor training and will sometimes hold outdoor events.