This is the Memphis Parkour and Freerunning group. If you live in or around Memphis TN and you want to learn parkour or find people to practice with you’re in the right place. Nearly all of our communication happens on our facebook group page. I know some people don’t like facebook but for now this is the best way we have to keep ourselves organized and easily include and inform everyone in the group.

We have classes at Co-Motion studio
and at our own gym located at:
2850 Lamb Place, Suite #1
Memphis, TN 38118

Class Schedule:

  • Kids Parkour – Sundays from 1pm to 2pm – Co-Motion
  • Adult Beginners Parkour – Sundays from 2:15pm to 3:15pm – Co-Motion
  • Intermediate Parkour, Teen and Adult – Tuesdays from 6:30pm to 7:30pm – Memphis Parkour Gym
  • Advanced Parkour – Saturdays 10:30am – Memphis Parkour Gym

Open Gym Times:

  • Tuesdays from 7:30pm to 9:00pm
  • Saturdays 11:30am to 1:00pm


Class Descriptions:
Kids Parkour
Suitable for boys and girls from 4 years old and up as well and any parents that want to join in. This class is a safe environment for kids to learn the basics of parkour and to safely test and build their skills.
Adult Beginners Parkour
For people with no parkour experience or students that want to continue developing fundamental skills. This class will focus on good rolling technique, basic vaults, balance, jumping skills and generally understanding the effective use of the body.
Intermediate Parkour, Teen and Adult
In this class more advanced progressions will be explored. No minimum skill level is required but students are expected to be familiar with the basic terminology of the art and must listen well and take instruction seriously. This class is recommended for advancing your skillset and is not intended to be a base level introduction to the world of parkour.
Advanced Parkour
Limited to people 13 years old and higher who have shown solid proficiency in the intermediate class this class will introduce advanced techniques from high height balance to lache’s, dynos and flipping.

On this site you can find videos of us, posts on what we’re working on and eventually bio’s for the key group members.

We LOVE having new members and we want you to be able to connect with us when you decide to go out. Times and locations of outdoor training vary so looking at (and joining) the discussion on the group page is the best way to make sure you really find us when you go out to train.

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  1. Goin to b n town next week from Mississippi and have a kid that would love to see some Parkour. Will u travel to anothe r location on sunday, if so where?

  2. im a beginer at parkour but u guys make it look easy, but complicated and cool. i hope i will son be able to get to the same level of profency as u guys !!!!!!!!!!

  3. I have never done any parkour or anything related to parkour but am interested in it. what would be a good class for me to join?

  4. I’m Eager To Learn All That I Can. Expect Me At Every Meeting Possible, But would I Have The Opportunity To Learn The Basics There?

  5. Is there any particular age? My son is 14 and he loves Pakour. We have been searching for somewhere local for him to train.

  6. I’m a girl and have been interested for a while. However I have no idea how to do anything. About how many new people come to a training?

  7. Hey there I have never really been anywhere to practice parkour but i am very interested in learning. One thing though do you guys have an age requirement? I am 17 and would love to learn!

  8. Hey. Holy shit…did not know there was free running in Memphis. I would love to learn the art. I’m a big guy, but I have the willpower to do pretty much anything I set my mind to. Would being a big guy be a problem?

  9. I would like to buy training sessions for my nephews ages 14 and 12. Would you consider offering private lessons? Of course their mother, my sister, will have to agree and can be present. They live in east Memphis.

  10. i fell i love with parkour at 13 and have been practicing for 2 years now, everything i know is from trial and error and i would love to learn from you guys if your willing to teach? plz send me an email

  11. I’ve always love this sport but i have never practiced with anyone before do you think i can join uyou guys soon i have a friend who also wants to join!

  12. I have my mom’s permission to go, but she has two questions. 1 are there any teens there and does she have to be there during training because she could sign a consent form or something.

  13. So, I’ve noticed that you guys haven’t done anything for a while, and i’m wondering if you guys are still here offering classes. If you are, can you send me some info via email? I’m interested in taking some classes over the summer.

  14. My teenager will be in Memphis for a couple weeks this Summer and would have fun meeting other parkour folks and training with a different group for a bit. I don’t use facebook and so cannot tell if this group is still active. Everything I’m finding via google about your group was updated or posted about a year ago. Wondering if all these training times are still ongoing. Thx!
    – Julie in Asheville, NC

    • Yes we are still active and facebook is how we organize our outings. I know that’s not always what people like to use but it works best to have that as out single place for discussion.

  15. hello my son is 12 and he has been intrested in this sport for at least 3 years is their any way i could sign him up and u can teach him to be advanced and to learn this sport please his birthday just past june 9 and this is all he has ever wanted to do please answer me.

  16. Hi! Saw a FB status post that was shared about getting in touch with city leaders. Would like to submit a few email addresses to you but not on the public forum. Where can I email these to you?

  17. Hello! I wanna know how I can join your lessons and what I should do to join it? I’d like to know the price list also!) Thank you very much

  18. How fit do i have to be to do parkour ? I’ve seen that you have to be really fit to do it and how much is the pay ? Do we pay at the door ?

  19. Hey I love parkour and I’m 13, and I was wondering of there is an age limit. I have a gymnastics background but it was a while ago and I can do a couple flips. And with a little help I’m sure I could do a lot more!!! Plz check out my YouTube vidoe it shows some of the stuff I can do!!!

  20. I Really want to do parkour! I’d definitely have to start building my endurance though, if I EVER wish to do the kind of things Yall do.

  21. Hey I’ve been free running for 3 years now and I was wondering If I could train with y’all it kinda gets boring training alone

  22. i’m 14 and i have been trying to do this on my own and i have hurt myself a little and i dont lived that far from memphis, but i wanted to know can you helped me out on a few basic tips or training if any of those will do

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